Telenetics, Inc. (TNI) is a small business located in Alexandria, Virginia providing specialized system and software engineering services to the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) and a variety of other Department of Defense (DoD) and commercial clients. Founded in 1981, TNIís main areas of expertise are listed below:

bulletSystem Engineering and Requirements Analysis
bulletSoftware Engineering and Development
bulletSpacecraft Command & Telemetry Data Handling Development
bulletSpacecraft Communications and Tactical Communications Engineering
bulletSystem Planning and Technical Documentation

Over the years, TNI personnel have provided significant technical development activities for key NRL spacecraft, communications, and software development programs including:

bulletLow-power Atmospheric Compensation Experiment (LACE)
bulletDeep Space Program Science Experiment (DSPSE)
bulletImproved Data Modem (IDM)
bulletMulti-mission Advanced Tactical Terminal (MATT)
bulletAutonomous Spacecraft Controller (ASC)
bulletMicro-electronics and Photonics Test Bed (MPTB)
bulletSpacecraft Communications and Tactical Communications Engineering
bulletInterim Control Module (ICM)
bulletJoint Communications Interface Terminal (JCIT)
bulletLISA System Engineering
bulletRevolutionary Imaging Technology (RIT)
bulletAdvanced Technology Atomic Clock (ATAC)
bulletVirtual Hub Distributed Software Programs
bulletAdvanced Multi-Function RF (AMRF) Concept
bulletJoint Tactical Radio System (JTRS)

Additionally, TNI has performed numerous special studies and investigations in support of a variety of NRL and DoD initiatives. For more information on Telenetics' engineering expertise, click the links listed below:

bulletSpacecraft Subsystems
bulletDistributed Data Processing
bulletProgrammable Software Radio

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